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İnvestment Planning

Investment planning is a detailed examination of all needs of an enterprise, taking into account the expected targets according to the upcoming road map.

Business Consultancy

When our choice of profession is in line with our talents and expectations from life, it enables us to progress in our work and get more efficiency from our profession.

Market Research

Accurate and comprehensive information is the foundation of all successful business ventures because it provides a wealth of information about potential and existing customers, competition and the industry in general.
If you want to be better, you are in the right place.


Solar energy solutions gain importance in today's world, where the importance of alternative renewable energy solutions is increasing. In the face of this situation, the application of solar energy systems by taking advantage of the natural resources of our country gains increasing importance every day because it is a general and uncertain solution to the problem, but is a promising solution for the future. SOLEN TAD aims to establish long-term cooperation with its customers, provided that it provides the best service and support at every stage of the investments planned in its field. It provides services in the field of import, sales, assembly and commissioning of the latest technology machinery equipment in its field.
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